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Banksia Birthday candles

An iconic Australian native. Birthday Candles are a beautiful Orange and Golden Yellow flower which stand upright resembling , yes , you guessed it, Birthday candles.
Sighting : Warialda New South Wales


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Australian Rice flower (Ozothamnus diosmifolius )

Australian Rice flower Native to Australia  An airy woody shrub with dense flower heads either in Pink or White. Often used as a filler in floral arrangements.

Bird poop Caterpillar aka Giant Citrus Swallow Caterpillar

Larvae of the Giant Citrus Swallow Butterfly
Found happily sitting in the middle of a leaf on my lemon tree. At first I thought it was a bird poop, and that is exactly what it wants predators and me to think . When disturbed the spikes went up on his back and a couple a red horns protruded from the top of his head,which were cool but pretty hard to get a photo of as they retracted quickly.  As the caterpillar grows, it turns into a darker green, this is the last stage before turning into a chrysalis.(pupating butterfly) Apparently when it meta morphs from the poop stage it turns into one of Brisbane, Queensland's, most common largest butterflies.

Fox and Hounds Country Inn

photos of a day trip and a bite to eat at An authentic English Pub.
situated on the scenic rim of the Gold Coast Australia It was crowded with memorabilia, and quite dark
As luck would have it, we were there the same day as the Queen